Sat. Apr 1st, 2023
Sarah Ferguson says Princess Diana would hug Meghan Markle

Sarah Ferguson believes Princess Diana would have split her time between UK and US, had she been alive.

The Duchess of York fondly spoke about her bond with the former Princess of Wales while branding her ‘iconic’ and ‘inspirational.’

She said: “I think first and foremost she’d be hugging her grandchildren and so proud of both her sons and their wives.

“She’d be travelling between Santa Barbara and Kensington Palace. She would also be championing her causes when it came to children’s charities.”

Speaking to Marie Claire earlier, she added: “I don’t miss her, because she’s with me. Last night I had a dream about her, and I know she’s with me. And I’m just so proud of her, and she’d be so proud of her sons and beautiful grandchildren,” he noted.

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