Thu. Mar 23rd, 2023
Prince Andrew scandals come to theatre with ‘Prince Andrew: The Musical’

Prince Andrew’s life is being unfolded in a satirical play for Christmas.

King Charles III’s defamed younger brother would be seen in a special musical starring Kieran Hodgson, Munya Chawawa, Harry Infield and Joe Wilkinson.

“A hilarious, all-singing, all-dancing reimagining of the Duke of York’s very public fall from grace, starring Kieran Hodgson, Munya Chawawa, Harry Infield and Joe Wilkinson,” notes Channel 24.

Meanwhile, netizens on Twitter are opposing to the play, branding it insensitive.

“Just seen a trailer for Prince Andrew The Musical. I am genuinely disgusted that someone even thought that was a good idea, never mind the fact that it has been made. What is wrong with people?” one wrote.

Defending the criticism, Hodgson told Derby Telegraph: “We thought very long and hard about the sensitivity issue around the very serious allegations that were made against Andrew. It’s part of the story, but it’s not the source of our humour.”

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