Wed. Mar 29th, 2023
Meghan Markle ‘won’ first Christmas, made Queen laugh

Meghan Markle won over Queen Elizabeth II with her cheeky Christmas present.

The Duchess of Sussex was invited to spend the festivities at Sandringham ahead of her wedding, where she was required to get Her Majesty a gift.

In a conversation with Richard Kay, corresponded Jennie Bond asked: “I’m sure it was pretty daunting for Megan Markle to rock up at Sandringham for Christmas with the Queen.”

She continued: “What do you give the Queen? What do you give your prospective father-in-law, Charles? It must have been frightfully difficult.”

Mr Kay then revealed “this tradition of not giving each other expensive gifts. In fact, the cheaper the gift, the better it is.”

He continued: “Harry once gave his grandmother a pair of rubber gloves for doing the dishes — I mean, really quite bizarre presents. Meghan would have found that as extraordinary as a certain Diana Spencer on her first Christmas buying lavish gifts for her in-laws. She never made that mistake again.”

“Meghan played a blinder on her first Christmas. She got a toy — a singing hamster — for the Queen and apparently she loved it…and so did the corgis.”

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