Thu. Mar 23rd, 2023
EXCLUSIVE: Expert tells how women face pigmentation, stretch marks, melasma and other skin problems during pregnancy

New Delhi: We all have heard about the pregnancy glow, right? Well, a woman goes through many visible body changes during the three trimesters of her pregnancy. While some have glowing skin to flaunt, others face issues like fine lines, pigmentation and stretch marks. These are common skin problems which a majority of females go through while carrying a child for 9 months. Dr Neha Sharma, Dermatologist Founder Estique clinic, Gurugram explains how the skin is affected during the child-bearing period and what can be done to keep it in check:

Pigmentation is one of the most common conditions seen in pregnancy. The colour of the nipples, genitalia skin and the centre of your tummy darkens.

A faint white line (called linea alba) running from their navel to the centre of the pubic bone also darkens to be visible and is now called linea nigra. The linea nigra is darker in darker-skinned women and usually lightens several months after delivery.

Melasma, characterized by brown coloured patches on the face, begins to appear. All these changes are tied to hormones and they begin to fade a few months after pregnancy.


Hence, during pregnancy sunscreen becomes even more important. Physical sunscreens with 30 and above SPF and 3+ PA factor are advisable. Topicals like kojic acid, licorice extract, alpha arbutin help in reducing pigmentation.

Stretch marks are also a common skin concern for pregnant women. Your skin stretches to make room for the baby resulting in the formation of stretch marks. These are purplish wavy lines, which appear on the tummy, breasts, thighs and groin. After delivery, they become paler in colour. Good hydration of the skin is the key here. Moisturise your skin with cocoa butter, shea butter and coconut oil. Also, limit your weight gain to what your gynaec recommends as this will limit the stretching of your skin.

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Some women also suffer from hormonal acne during pregnancy. Your doctor can recommend a topical antibiotic for the same. You must remember to avoid face products that include BHA or retinoids during pregnancy.

(Disclaimer: Views expressed in the article are that of the expert.)

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